Freelance and Commissions

If you’re interested in professional art for your projects, you are at the right place! Feel free to send me an email with the details of the project.

I also take commissions occasionally. I’ll be sure to inform about this on the news section on this website and also on my instagram.

Book illustration

Making graphic novels is my passion. I either write them myself or work with a writer to develop the story.

Have a story you want illustrated, or a short comic to support your written text? Than this is the option for you!

Concept Art

Need some help developing a concept for a game, book, movie or something else? You name it. I love designing worlds and thinking about the mechanisms that go behind it! I can spend days endlessly sketching and thinking out worlds.

Pattern and Sticker Design

Want some unique packaging for your brand? Or some stickers that you can give out with your orders? I would gladly make designs for you and your brand!

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