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You can read the first episode for "Not a Witch" for free now on my patreon! Click on the picture below to head to that page~!

Why PoD services are great for artists Since everything is cancelled at the moment, I can't go to conventions to sell my products there. And while I've also been starting to make a webshop, it's impossible for me to offer all the products that I'd want to offer. Print on Demand services have been popping …

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Here the sketches I've done in the last 2 weeks! I removed some pages that were mostly notetaking, they won't make sense to you guys anyways ;) These sketches are unedited, so I'm sorry if some rough edges are showing or the colours dont look that great. As you can see these are my own …

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I'm a bit late with posting the first one since it's due in 3 days... but here it is! I'm also just done with another video so I'll just share 2 at the same time :)

I've been working on making repeatable patterns for the last week and thought it would be a good idea to write about my findings! The idea of making patterns spawned when I saw StudioVlinderdas make full-art tote bags. And since I'm going to Dutch Comic Con at the end of this month, some more merch …

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I've added the panda design I made earlier as a download to this post! This is the same design that is available on my original patreon page, but I thought it would be easier to find if I also added it here! Also, I just finished the otter design today and it's ready to use. …

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