Pattern Design – First time I’m doing this!

Door Caitlin Bongers op 8 March 2020

I’ve been working on making repeatable patterns for the last week and thought it would be a good idea to write about my findings! The idea of making patterns spawned when I saw StudioVlinderdas make full-art tote bags. And since I’m going to Dutch Comic Con at the end of this month, some more merch ideas were great!

But what am I going to do with those patterns?

Well, tote-bags would be a lot of fun. But I havent found a good supplier yet that would allow me to sell them at a good price. I was thinking about making them downloadable printables for my webshop. Then anyone who wants it could make their own cool looking wrapping paper for example! It would also be fun to cover some boring craft boxes and make them more enjoyable to look at. I think it would be cool to have things like throw pillows and blankets in the future too! But the main reason is that I want to make custom sketchbooks. (note: the downloadable printables are also included in my 5$ patreon tier!)

Most sketchbooks have a kind of boring cover. And while you can decorate them yourselves, if you’re like me you often just want to buy a pretty one. I also don’t feel like working on the outside of my sketchbook very often, especially when it’s a sketchbook meant for rough idea’s – and not elaborate drawings.

The process

I wanted to use my watercolor designs for the patterns and decided to do some research first. I came across videos from Baylee Jae and Minnie Small that made it look really easy and I wanted to give it a shot! So I cut my piece of paper to a square and started drawing.

The cutting part was really nerf wrecking and I was afraid that the panda that would be drawn over the paper seams would look weird. But in the end I had no problem at all painting over the seams! It was a bit difficult to edit them in phototshop because there were so many spots that needed editing, but hey it worked in the end!

I like how the design turned out, but I think I over edited them a bit when I took them digital.. Also some parts are not really clear to see so I thought it would be good to add a sort of outline for the next try.

So in the weekend I picked up my paints again and tried another approach. This time working on a whole sheet of paper without cutting it and placing the pieces together afterwards in photoshop. I used procreate to edit all of the pieces appart from each otter and uploaded them as png files to my computer.

It was a bit of figuring out how some tools worked but, I must say, this was way more efficient! So if you’re interested in making your own patterns traditionally, I suggest to think about the idea of scanning them in and arranging them in photoshop! I guess that if you make overlapping designs like Minnie Small did in her video, this would be a bit more difficult and the traditional approach would be easier.

Anyways after playing with the arrangement for a bit, I did find that it was a bit more difficult to find a good balance. I had some painted fishes and hearts that I used to fill up awkward space, and that certainly helped a lot.

A good hour of editing later this was the result!

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