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Why PoD services are great for artists

Since everything is cancelled at the moment, I can’t go to conventions to sell my products there. And while I’ve also been starting to make a webshop, it’s impossible for me to offer all the products that I’d want to offer. Print on Demand services have been popping up everywhere and there are a ton of them to choose from! I’ve been looking into RedBubble and Society6 for a while now because I’ve heard many great things about them. It works like this:

The artist makes an account and uploads their art files.

They edit the filed to fit correctly on the products and turn on all the products they want. (I love the notebooks and wrapping paper on Society6, but RedBubble has great pencil cases and tote-bags!)

When a customer buys something the PoD service makes the item and sends it! Also dealing with all the complaints and returns. The artist then gets a small artist margin on the product. Redbubble lets you change your margin. 20% is standard. Society6 has lower set margins that you can’t change.

Making Patterns

I’ve been working to get better in pattern design and took Cat Coquilette’s Skillshare class to learn more. I’ve been wanting to work more traditionally and use digital only to do the final touch-ups of the works. Yesterday I painted a bunch of cats using a color palette that I took of a fashion photograph I found on pinterest.

watercolor simple cats

I wanted to make patterns using a couple of these cats but found it very intimidating at first. So I started out using single designs and making a simple repeated pattern with them.

I also did some other color combinations

And I did the same for a second cat design

First Impressions RedBubble and Society6


I’ve used RedBubble for a while longer now but I never uploaded a lot of product designs. Currently I have about 20 designs online. I also have been working on some modern watercolor floral designs that I put online both on RedBubble and Society6

The zipper pouches are definitely amongst my favorite products on RedBubble and I hope to order them to sell on conventions in the future!

I was kind of surprised to see that my page still had some monthly visits, since I’ve been neglecting it for months and never put any effort in it at all. I haven’t had any sales until this point yet, but with the effort I’m putting in it now I hope that will change somewhere in the next month or 2!


I haven’t had any experience with Society6 yet but it got recommended to me by a couple of people. Since I don’t want to spread myself too thin I’m going to focus on only RedBubble and Society6 at the moment. I think the types of art that gets sold on society6 might fit my kind of audience better. I’m not 100% sure where I want to go yet. My floral designs are more elegant and clean-looking so they might work better on Society6.

My cat designs are a bit more modern and pop-culture so they might work better on RedBubble. After I had some sales on both platforms I’ll see if my predictions were right!

After uploading for 3 days I’ve already had some likes on some of my works. This means that at least my work gets seen by a couple of people. Considering I haven’t shared that I’m doing this anywhere yet that seems like a good sign to me!

Something that RedBubble does better than Society6 is the image download and share system they have. It’s very easy to download and share your mock-ups from RedBubble while on Society6 it gets kinda difficult. I saved some of the images from my shop itself but it seems that even though it’s a jpg file this blog doesn’t support it. I’ve worked around it for now by opening the image on the web and then using the url to paste it here.

I really like the look of these notebooks and I can’t wait to order some to test out the paper. It’s only 90gsm so it won’t be that good for drawing. I’m also looking into making custom sketchbooks for my personal webshop on my website here, so I can use better paper

Another product I really like on Society6 is the wrapping paper, this is something that RedBubble doesn’t have

I’m really exited to be working more with these sites! Making patterns has been so incredibly fun and I can’t wait to make more.

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