Testing out store products – First thoughts

Door Caitlin Bongers op 16 March 2020

Hey guys!

I’ve been testing out some products before I’m putting my store online. I want to ensure that the quality is as good as possible, I don’t want anyone ordering a bad product here! So there are 2 types of testing being done… First, testing the print on demand products. These are the products that I am not making and sending myself, but are the ones that are made to order by an outside company. I’ve ordered several clothes and am wearing them to see how they last. My first impressions are good! The print quality looks great, I hope it stays that way… And the material looks high quality.

The only downsides I found were that I didn’t like the model of one t-shirt (I took that one out of my store. It looked like a box) and there was a dirt stain on one of the sleeves. Although it got out easily I of course don’t want products to arrive stained. I left a review at my print on demand company about the stain but they didnt react yet…

For the rest I’m asolutely in love with this sweater and I wanna wear it all the time! It’s so soft and comfy ^w^

The second type of testing I’m doing are tests for the products that I make myself! And specifically the sketchbooks I’ve been working on.

A lot of people have been asking me about those and shown interest. Since they are handmade they will have to be more expensive than your regular store sketchbooks… So I need to ensure that the quality is good. I made some tests with 160 gsm paper and 120 gsm paper. And for now they all are stapled. I want to try and do some thread binding because it will fix most of the problems, but that will make it a lot more work so I’m kinda doubting whether I should.

I prefer to make sketchbooks with 160 gsm paper, because I like those myself and they are not easily found. But I quickly found out why thats the case. Turns out that the thicker the paper, the more easily it tears when using a stapler. The middle page of my sketchbook unfortunately got loose. I also glued in many extra pages and this sketchbook got kinda thick, so that could also have been one of the reasons this page fell out.

many bad sketches of rudy – I was not in the mindset to draw

I also found out that if I wanted the sketchbook to lay flat it couldnt handle as many pages as I wanted. For 160 gsm paper about 14 pages ( 28 sides) was the max. This was partly because the staple had to keep them together. So this could be fixed if I would bind them with thread instead.

For the same reason the cover I currently have is too thick. I thought the thicker the stronger, but it actually tears too easily on the fold. You can also see that the side kinda falls apart, and I’m afraid if it will fall apart. Also when the staple is just a milimeter off, it tears a bit when the sketchbook is opened.

I might still sell these sketchbooks but for a lower price. I have some ideas of how to fix these problems. I might add some clear tape on the fold of the cover to make it stay put (I used washi tape on my own sketchbook to make it clear on the pictures)

Because I made 10 of each design I do want to try and get at least the material price back! If you dont mind you having to tape down the booklet a bit then it could be an opportunity for you to get a cheaper sketchbook. I will place them in my webshop somewhere this week, when I have decided whether to put clear tape on the sides or not! They will be discounted from 6 euros to 4,00!

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